Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Fun times

Friday, July 01, 2005

Anna and her friends !

Now thats a squirtgun !

You can run !

But you can't hide !

Squirtguns !!!

Those are againt the rules you know !

A message !

We have our winners !

The winners accept their accolades !!

Something Important

I am sure she was gonna say something very important here !! I just know it ! Either that or one of her jokes was about to be heard !

Goofy Girls !

No more to say here :)

Anne's friend !

As we can tell Anne loves these !

A visitor !

We had the pleasure of visiting with this wonderful bird !

Horseback Riding

Bailey take the horse through it's paces !


What a crazy ways the girls decorate their cabin!?!

Happy Family

Marriage !!

Bubble Time !

Anna and Brook making bubbles


Another pirate!!


Austin doing his craft !

Swing Swing !

Girls Girls Girls !

Nothing more to say !

Making Rain !

We dont like rain but we LOVE water !


Another Pirate !

Now thats a Pirate !

Brandon brandishes his weapon.

Talent show !

Showing off our talents !


Anthony in the boys skit.

These girls can sing !!

Thursday, June 30, 2005

I need a caption here

So help me out !! :)

Chris and christina

Ok, so Chris looks a little scary here but we all know he isnt .. right ? :)

All the Campers

This was easy to get everyone into ! :)


Could almost fit everyone in this picture, next year will be better, I promise.

Isaac and Jill

Catching up on current affairs :)

Jarod and Matt

Trouble is brewing and these two are ready!

Alex the man !

Alex sets off the potato gun !!

Made in the shade !

Nothing better for watching eartball than sitting in the shade.

Kelly gets ready to climb !

Kelly is checking her gear for her accent into the tree.

Earthball !

A great play at the goal by Brandon steal the score from Jacob !

Curtis the tree climber

Curtis and Christian hanging out in the trees !! What better way can there be to spend an afternoon ?

Brandon's Revenge

Just so you know, dont mess with the boys cabin or the saranwrap will make an appearance ! :)


Steven stops his dancing to pose for the camera !

Roberto !

Roberto crusin at the dance !

An Angry Pirate ???

I need say no more !!

Lightning Strikes !

Lucky Shot !

The Girls Cabin!

So they wanted a picture and this is what they got, I do believe there was a fartbomb that exploded soon after this was taken !

Getting Wet !

So this is what can happen to you if you let your guard down at camp ! :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Getting Started

Just getting started, I will have some pictures here from Vent Camp soon !!